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UK House Boat Hotspots

Living on a house boat has been growing in popularity in the UK thanks to a variety of factors, primarily involving the possible reduced living costs that living aboard a boat involves. Despite the lack of marine financing options being one of the main factors actually holding back the growth in this area, the fact that cities are becoming increasingly expensive to buy homes in means more and more people are seeking out alternatives.

Mooring a boat is usually necessary to gain financing and that can add significant costs to house boat living, but many people are still finding it a much more preferable means of living than trying to save up for a house in or near a city.

Best Permanent Mooring Spots In the UK

The best permanent and residential moorings will feature the fresh water, electricity, pumped drainage, telephone landlines and Wi-Fi, but these can be expensive to acquire. The most expensive of these will be found, unsurprisingly, in the capital.

London is by far and away the most popular permanent mooring destination and the prices reflect this. The costs get more expensive the closer to central London you get, but you can find cheaper moorings in the surrounding areas around the main hub of the city.

UK’s Best Temporary House Boating Hotspots

Travelling up or down the Grand Union Canal can take you into the heart of England’s most beautiful scenery. Whether you’re travelling up from London or heading south from up north, you will discover many fantastic places to moor your boat along the way.

Particularly notable are the reservoirs at Marsworth and the Cosgrove Aqueduct. Marsworth is a village in Buckinghamshire northwest of the Greater London area, and features some fantastic sights for anyone looking to see old fashioned Britain without straying too far from the capital. The navigable Cosgrove Aqueduct is a little further north than Marsworth in Northamptonshire in the East Midlands. Here you can find moorings on the beautiful Great Ouse river.

Financing Options for Buying a House Boat

Figuring out where to moor your boat is the final piece of the puzzle, but before that you will need to consider what kind of value and term you can manage for the mortgage you will need to fund the purchase of the boat, assuming you cannot just buy one outright. Thankfully Promarine Finance can talk you through the whole process.

To explore your financing options for buying a boat, contact Promarine Finance who can talk you through the process and arrange a quick chat to discuss the marine mortgage options available to you.