Used Boats

We offer flexible finance can be used to help you purchase a new or used boat.

A used boat is a sensible choice if budget is a factor. If you buy a five-year old model, for example, you could save up to half the price of a new boat which makes it an even more affordable option to finance.

Buying new or used is a personal decision. Both have their benefits and downsides with different sets of potential issues. You just need to decide what suits your needs the best and your budget.

You will need to get the boat carefully checked by a surveyor to satisfy yourself that the boat you’re buying is in good condition and has been well maintained.

Ask for maintenance records that show what original or basic equipment has been replaced by newer and possibly better stuff, like new and bigger outboards. If it is a used sailboat you are intent on buying, the better value between identical boats is more than likely reflected in the boat with the better sail inventory. Smaller, non- descript items like cockpit cushions can make your boating more pleasurable and save you money.