Sailing can represent one of the most relaxing leisure activities available, but if you are into racing, then sailing becomes an all-consuming passion and there is nothing relaxing about the sport. We provide finance to both kinds of sailors.

Whatever your requirements, Promarine is able to smooth out the finance process to get you on the water and enjoying family time and coastal hops and adventures without delay.

We know that circumstances change, and life rarely goes to plan. So whether you decide to upgrade mid-season, or you find the perfect boat but your funds are tied up in investments, speak to us, we offer flexible terms, including pain-free early settlement.

We have financed many liveaboard and leisure sailing yachts and there are a few areas you need to be mindful of and pay attention to when purchasing.

Unless you are buying a brand-new boat, we require a boat survey and a minimum of 5 years of title history.

This might sound the obvious thing to do and we think it is but beware of anyone looking to sell you a boat without this critical information.

These are just a few examples of how Promarine can support you through the finance and purchasing stages of your yacht. Our team will guide you through the entire process, and hopefully save you from issues and complications down the line.

If you are buying via a broker then a broker should be able to help with many of the above queries but we will be on hand throughout to assist you.