RIBs are often seen as an affordable way to get on the water, giving you the ability to go wherever you want, quickly and easily.

RIBs offer a cheaper mooring, can be dry stored and allow easy and fast access to shallow tidal areas.

Whatever your circumstances, but particularly if you have a busy work schedule and want to complete on the boat you want without delay, Promarine is able to give you a quick decision regarding finance along with paper-free processing.

We understand that people may change their boating plans from to time to time and may want a different boat mid-season.

We offer flexible, easy settlement and upgrade terms which will help you make a pain-free transition.

Unless you are buying a new RIB, we always insist on a boat survey and a minimum five years of title history. There are numerous ways Promarine can support you through the finance and purchasing stages of your RIB. So, if you’re interested in buying a RIB, our team will guide you through the entire process, and hopefully save you from issues and complications down the line.

If you are buying via a broker, then a broker should be able to help with many of the above queries, but we will be on hand throughout to assist you.