Marine Mortgages

How a marine mortgage can help you

Buying the boat of your dreams can be an easy affair if all the paperwork is in order and you have the cash ready to go. Most of us are unlikely to have that sort of cash lying around, of course, which is why a marine mortgage is usually the perfect solution that helps you fulfil the dream of owning a boat.

Promarine Finance can provide you with a marine mortgage to suit your circumstances and can also provide knowledge and support all the way through the process.

Buying a boat with marine finance

If you’re reading articles about inland boats, then it’s likely that your interest has already been piqued by the idea of owning one. Regardless of where your interest level has reached, one big issue that stands out is how to finance such a purchase.

Most of us are not in a cash-ready position to make an offer on a boat, so that’s where marine mortgages come into play. There are several marine finance solutions, each tailored to your circumstances, with different options available for inland boats and sea-going vessels. Promarine Finance do not make a distinction between whether or not you intend to live on the boat or keep it for leisure and pleasure.

Why a marine mortgage is the best option

For anybody looking into buying a boat, there are so many questions that need to be answered. By using a marine mortgage specialist like Promarine Finance, you will have constant access to boat-buying expertise every step of the way.

If you are buying through a reputable boat broker, they will assist you with issues such as the insurance, licensing and the requisite maintenance needed to keep your boat running smoothly, as well as functional issues such as mooring.

If you are buying a boat from a private seller, we can also finance your purchase, and we’re proud to be one of the few companies in the UK to offer this service.

To explore your options for buying a boat, contact Promarine Finance and one of our team will talk you through the options available to you.