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Inland vessels – canal boats and river cruisers

The canal boat industry is pleased to find Promarine do not require boaters to have residential moorings meaning all boaters are able to cruise continuously and live aboard.

We are also financing new build vessels with stage payments.

Stuart Austin, Director of Promarine explains how his company differs from main stream lenders

“We became involved with marine finance because of our personal interests in sailing and we recognise the passion and importance of owning a boat. A boat can easily become a family member and much cherished”

Stuart continues, “our lending is based around finding people that want to cherish their boat and then ensuring we help them to purchase what they can afford”.

So far Promarine Finance has helped lots of boaters purchase boats that often fall outside the remit of the banks. Promarine will finance older boats providing they survey satisfactorily, will lend lower values from £3k upwards and over periods of up to 10 years. Typically Promarine will lend against 70% of the value of a boat.

Stuart adds “most of our customers have a good idea of the type of boat and budget they can afford, but often they choose to finance only part of the boat purchase price, so keeping their savings in place for a “rainy day” scenario. We are very happy to lend the minimum amount customers need to get the boat they want and at payments they can afford. Our website has an online calculator and enquiry form to quickly get the ball rolling.”