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Boat Affordability Advice Guide

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Five ways we can help you negotiate your next boat purchase.

1. Organise your finance

As with a house purchase, we always recommend applying for your boat mortgage before you start the negotiation process. It’ll put you at an advantage over other boat buyers, and show you’re serious about the purchase. It also makes searching easier as you’ll be able to understand the most you’re prepared to stretch to in your search.

2. Know What’s Affordable for You

Working with a specialist boat lender, such as Promarine Finance will enable you to understand fully the maximum you are able to afford or prepared to pay for your new boat. Having this information in advance means you can bid with all the information you need, taking into account extra financial commitments such as surveys and boat finance for example.

3. Bid with Confidence

Negotiating is so much easier when you and the vendor know you are as good as a cash buyer. It means you’re able to negotiate the best deal for your boat. Our team can also help with reviewing boat surveys, so that you’re armed with the information you need in case additional negotiations need to be made on the advice of your surveyor.

4. Ask the Right Questions

Before you negotiate, make a list of questions you want to ask the dealer or seller. We can help with some of these, but you may want to consider, what title documents are with the boat, when the boat was last serviced, is there any warrant/Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) left on the boat, what problems has the boat had in the past (if any) and why are you selling?

Preparing your questions in advance, will help you feel in control of the negotiations and more comfortable with the boat buying process. 

5. Agree the Deal

Once you’re confident you are getting a good deal, and you are satisfied with the survey, boat history and that all your questions have been answered, it’s time to sign the contract and agree the completion date. The final stage is to ensure you have appropriate insurance in place. 

Our Boat Buying Guide can help you through the entire process and our team will be on hand throughout to provide advice every step of the way. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.