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Wide Beam Sail Away – nearly ready to sail away

Work started on the hull in November 2015 and in December 2015 the hull looked like this. We then paid out 70% of the build cost as confirmed by Iain Jones, the surveyor

This week, early Feb myself and Iain visited Neil Smalley’s factory and saw the boat just needing windows adding before being transported to her new home and ready for Mark to start the fit out.
IMG_0978IMG_0977IMG_0976IMG_0975IMG_0973IMG_0972It has been an interesting learning curve and everyone has been helping each other.

We already have our next boat ready to build as soon as this one makes room next week.

So if you are interested in one like this give us a call or speak to those concerned directly

Iain Jones


Neil Smalley The Sail Away Boat Company, Nr Mansfield

Tel 07474 668885 and email