Boats Required

Updated 10/1/22

We have customers that are credit approved looking for boats – if you have a boat that might be of interest please click the Send link to boat below and we will pass on the details.

Inland boats

Inland BoatsBudgetClick link below
Narrowboat – 6 up to 60′ £25k-£60kSend link to boat
Narrowboat – 8 required, length 70′£40k – £85kSend link to boat
Widebeam – 3 required£80k-£160kSend link to boat

Ocean going boats

Ocean BoatsBudget
Fairline Targa 34£140kSend link to boat
Sealine/Fairline £125kSend link to boat
Fairline Targa 34£60kSend link to boat
Sailing yacht 40′£75kSend link to boat