Super testimonial for Bavaria 29

We wanted to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the professional service provided by Stuart and his team at Pro-Marine. They have been a breath of fresh air to deal though out the whole process. Having run our own business for 15 years (ie “self employed) we felt we were given the “square peg in a round hole” treatment by other potential lenders. However Pro-marine are able to look past this and have detailed understanding of financial accounts for owner Directors and how their earnings package comes together. Dealing with financially savvy people that aren’t box tickers sets Pro-Marine side from the rest. So if you are keen to get on the water but feel you will be turned away because you don’t fit the standard criteria, we would suggest you talk to Stuart and his team. If you can afford it and they can help fund it then they will! They are extremely prompt and attentive to your application too – no waiting around for weeks, as they know that once you have found something it’s all about timing. We would strongly recommend anyone looking for marine finance talk to these guys as they have put us into two different boats in 2018! Thank you Stuart & Co for making it happen.

Drew and Shirley

We finance boats from private sellers too – Zodiac 55 Rib

Just a quick email, to pass on my thanks for another seamless boat purchase. Obviously I appreciate the concerns buying privately when finance is involved. It has all worked out and Cambrian boats even commented on the Rib, stating what a nice boat she was. It is in having a service and checks etc at present.


I have recommended you previously and will continue to do so. I don’t really use Facebook, and am happy for you to use my comments in any review / marketing.

Many Thanks


Fairline Targa 34 – happy customer

Hi Liza and  Stuart

Many thanks again for such an excellent service from you and the team, helping us achieve our latest pride and joy !

A couple of snaps after some hard graft cleaning and enjoying a great season Thanks for putting up with us !!!

Best wishes  J,T and F

GDPR – May 25th

Amidst the scramble to be compliant, which is hitting just about every business and organisation in the UK someone has actually found the time to research how they believe consumers will react once the legislation is implemented.

Here is a summary – there is a link to the full report at the bottom – you can work out the perecentages quoted don’t even add up.

A new study, commissioned by Veritas and conducted by 3GEM, surveyed 3,000 adults, including 1,000 in the UK. It reveals that consumers are most likely to target the following industries with personal data requests:

•Financial services companies, including banks and insurance companies (56 pct)

•Social media companies (48 pct)

•Retailers (46 pct)

•Former, current or potential employers (24 pct)

•Healthcare providers (21 pct)


The forthcoming GDPR will impact any organisation that gathers, processes or stores the personal data of individuals in the EU. The research shows UK consumers welcome their enhanced privileges. Of those that intend to exercise their rights, two-thirds (65 pct) plan to request access to the personal data a company holds on them, while the majority (71 pct) intend to exercise their right to be forgotten under the new regulations.

If you can face reading more then the full report is available here

Good luck with your GDPR plans – we are using to assist us.

New canalboat just arrives







We’ve had confirmation from Great Haywood that they have received the money from you so we are all set to take ownership of LR tomorrow at 12.


Thanks all for being so flexible in turning this round so quickly.

You have provided a great service.

We’ll send you pictures when we get aboard.

Have a great weekend

M & R


Widebeam canal boat being surveyed

Here is the most recent boat we have financed being surveyed prior to completion. We find it incredible that some buyers are encouraged to complete without a survey. You can see this is the perfect opportunity to get a professionally qualified surveyor eg YDSA or IIMS (there are others) to literally crawl all over the boat you plan to buy and in some cases live on.

This one from 2008 was absolutely fine – you certainly get peace of mind and confirmation you are getting a good boat you can enjoy without any surprises.



Debut at Boot 2018




And we are also attending Boot for the first time Jan 24- 26