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London Boat Show 2017

It’s just a month until the start of the 2017 London International Boat Show.

If you are attending as an exhibitor then no doubt you are extremely busy with last minute preparations and final detail in order to kick off 2017 on a high note.

This year Promarine Finance will have staff available throughout the show to provide immediate stand side assistance to any dealer who needs it, but we’d like to offer a little bit extra to help you sell more boats.

If you are displaying boats or engines that broadly sit between about £4,500 and £45,000 then please send us the details and we will provide finance examples for the hulls or cowlings.

These examples will be bold and simple with fine print only needed to be displayed on a desk card or stand side spec sheet.

If you don’t wish for full finance examples, but do wish to let buyers know that finance is available then we can also offer “Finance me” hull transfers complete with other point of sale material such as flyers.

Let us know prior to Thursday 22nd December if you need any finance examples or additional point of sale material.

For stand side assistance during the show, call or text Tom on 07720 214 831 or email