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How much do you know about your new boat?

Another good reason to choose Marine Finance and a reputable broker over other options which may at first seem better value:

Our colleague Charlie spoke with a vendor (private sale) this morning who confirmed he had owned the boat for 2 years having bought via the courts due to the previous owner losing it through a fraud. We were were told there is correct paperwork to prove the purchase from the court, but the vendor did not know if the boat was VAT paid.

The buyer contacted the builder and the boat is known to them and they confirmed that VAT hasn’t been paid. The boat was infact heavily damaged resulting in a complete hull rebuild, transom replace and new engines and electronics. The current owner purchased from the court for a paltry sum. The repairs may be all fine but is this a risk worth taking and at what price?

A personal loan application would not identify any of the above.

What is the value of choosing to work with Promarine Finance?