Princess V65 – happy new owner

After getting the knock back from **** finance .. after hearing the bad news from ****  it was suggested we try a company called Promarine as a poss way forward, a phone call and couple emails later Stu and Liza agreed to support us..! Im delighted to say in about 5 hours time we take delivery of a fine 2008 Princess V65 i can not thank them enough the service was personal and couldn’t have been better from the offset well worthy of a 5 star review from us.


Crick – was a “real laugh” with Charlie

One of our most recent customer’s bought a Collingwood Widebeam Sail-Away called by our stand to say Hello and we just love his parting comments “It’s been a real laugh dealing with you Charlie”

Thanks LD – we like to make the process simple and enjoyable.

New Generator Fitted

This is the second upgrade we have financed for this customer and boat – this time a replacement genny.

Deal approved signed and paid out in less than 30 mins all whilst the customer was abroad too.

We must be doing something right

Thanks, Charlie – you have made it all very easy for me. I appreciate that, and the cheerful and sensible way that you go about things. Many thanks. Photo to follow – plus insurance details etc when I get them.


Best wishes,



Cheerful Charlie :-)

That’s all great, Charlie – many thanks.

I must say I appreciate your cheerful and helpful manner through this. It makes the whole thing feel way less stressful than it might.

Best wishes, JJ

Race Boat Consortium up and Running


Stuart,  Just wanted to drop you a note on behalf of me and the consortium, to say a big thanks for all your help in the completion process for the acquisition of  ****** last week.

I know that this transaction was a bit ‘off-piste’ for you, but it is extremely refreshing to work with someone who is able and willing to make sensible decisions based on common sense and judgement. I spend a fair amount of time trying to work with the finance world with my property investment company and in this day and age, regulation makes the whole process very draconian and often frustrating with the ‘computer says no’ type attitude.  On this occasion it was a pleasure.


Thank you

All the best


Early settlements without penalties always appreciated

Hi Stuart,

Thank you for sorting out the refund (a DD was in transmission just as the deal was settled) and many thanks for your help with my boat acquisition. It’s great to be on the water after more than 2 years of saving and researching, and amazing and unexpected to own her outright already.

I’ve already recommended Promarine on the Berkhamsted Boating Community Facebook page when someone asked for lender recommendations, and will continue to do so.

I’ll certainly be in touch again should the need arise and I’ll keep an eye out for you at Crick boat festival this year.

All best,

Grand Banks 42


Charlie, Liza and Stuart

Thanks for the email confirmation, Colin has confirmed receiving funds.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your assistance in this transaction.

It has been a real pleasure in dealing with everyone in the purchase of this boat and you have all contributed to us looking forward to owning her.

Hope to meet up at the Southampton boat show where it would be good to discuss if we can do other business together.

Have a great weekend.



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Super testimonial for Bavaria 29

We wanted to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the professional service provided by Stuart and his team at Pro-Marine. They have been a breath of fresh air to deal though out the whole process. Having run our own business for 15 years (ie “self employed) we felt we were given the “square peg in a round hole” treatment by other potential lenders. However Pro-marine are able to look past this and have detailed understanding of financial accounts for owner Directors and how their earnings package comes together. Dealing with financially savvy people that aren’t box tickers sets Pro-Marine side from the rest. So if you are keen to get on the water but feel you will be turned away because you don’t fit the standard criteria, we would suggest you talk to Stuart and his team. If you can afford it and they can help fund it then they will! They are extremely prompt and attentive to your application too – no waiting around for weeks, as they know that once you have found something it’s all about timing. We would strongly recommend anyone looking for marine finance talk to these guys as they have put us into two different boats in 2018! Thank you Stuart & Co for making it happen.

Drew and Shirley