Our boating story: how Promarine helped us find our forever home

We already had a boat, 56ft, for nearly six years. We mainly cruised until we found a long-term mooring space. We set up home and loved it! It was like being on holiday all the time. We both work, so it had to be in an area accessible to a train station. We bought a dog and decided we needed a garden for him to play and run around in, so we started looking at houses.

One weekend, while out in the boat on a stretch of the Grand Union Canal in Warwickshire, the sun beating down, we decided we can’t move to a house. Our dog has all the surrounding areas he wants; he can run around the picnic areas and still see his mates, so we decided against a house and plumped for a new boat instead.  

How were we going to fund a new boat, we thought. We started looking at bank loans, but you can only get a certain amount. We Googled marine boat loans. Several companies came up. One stuck out in particular. It was personal, not just a company. I read the website and liked what I read. I put in my details for a quote. Not long after that, I got a call from Charlie at Promarine Finance. What a lovely chap. Very helpful, and we got on really well. That was the start of our journey.

We were pre-approved for a marine mortgage. We had some issues but nothing was too much trouble for Promarine to try and solve. 

Now go find a boat, they said! 

We looked and looked, had seen many, and none were suitable. Then by chance, we happened to see one that we had seen 2.5 years ago when we weren’t looking: the Mandolin, 70ft. We viewed it and it was the one. Offers were made and accepted.  

Charlie at Promarine Finance saw us through, step by step. Promarine dealt with any issues with the sellers and boat company to make the whole process less stressful for us. As everyone knows, buying a new home can be stressful. 

Stuart and Liza at Promarine are the Directors.  Really lovely people to talk to and personal to your needs. We spoke to Stuart, who took us through the process of signing the agreement, and had a general chit chat too, which was nice.  Completion went through smoothly. Liza rang us in the morning to confirm all was sorted.  We cruised back to Warwickshire to our mooring. 

We couldn’t have asked for a better company to see us through our forever home.   

You don’t just deal with a company, you deal with real people who care, and try to get you your dream.  

Thank you Promarine, we appreciate everything you have done for us.  

That’s our boating story. Let Promarine assist you in securing your forever home, or even just a holiday home.

Sharon & Darren

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The Mandolin, Promarine Finance customer story
The Mandolin, Promarine Finance customer story
The Mandolin, Promarine Finance customer story