Terry Wright of Excel Boats at LIBS2017


I feel that there are considerable sales opportunities that we are currently missing mainly in the entry level recreational market where often i hear customers, for example, can afford the boat but not the outboard package .  Some may purchase the boat or just leave the deal until the budget is available.  Offering a finance option over 12-36 months allows retailer and customer to secure an early opportunity and take advantage of early delivery and enjoy the full potential of the boating season.  After all the boating season in the U.K. is relatively short and the fine weather days can be limited.”


Promarine Finance have come up with a solution for low cost boating items.

To find out more email retail@marine-finance.org


Terry Wright

+44 (0)121 323 2333




London Boat Show 2017

It’s just a month until the start of the 2017 London International Boat Show.

If you are attending as an exhibitor then no doubt you are extremely busy with last minute preparations and final detail in order to kick off 2017 on a high note.

This year Promarine Finance will have staff available throughout the show to provide immediate stand side assistance to any dealer who needs it, but we’d like to offer a little bit extra to help you sell more boats.

If you are displaying boats or engines that broadly sit between about £4,500 and £45,000 then please send us the details and we will provide finance examples for the hulls or cowlings.

These examples will be bold and simple with fine print only needed to be displayed on a desk card or stand side spec sheet.

If you don’t wish for full finance examples, but do wish to let buyers know that finance is available then we can also offer “Finance me” hull transfers complete with other point of sale material such as flyers.

Let us know prior to Thursday 22nd December if you need any finance examples or additional point of sale material.

For stand side assistance during the show, call or text Tom on 07720 214 831 or email tom@marine-finance.org

Boat Hoist

So here is a slightly different deal for us working with our sister company Prolease Ltd and http://www.pontoonanddock.com/boat-handling-equipment.html – we can help marinas to expand their services too

Tom Bettle joins Promarine Finance as Business Director

Joining us this month…


In November we welcomed Tom Bettle to the Promarine Finance team. We asked Tom to provide a bit of information of himself…


I’ve always loved the sea.
As a boy it was my uncle who would take me fishing aboard the small fleet of boats belonging to Southsea Angling Club and as a young man my first job was as a Navigating Officer with P&O Containers Ltd.
I guess that saltwater is in my blood as after a fairly extensive business career within the IT sector I returned to the marine industry as a boat dealer and broker in 2002.
Over the years I represented Jeanneau and SeaRay from offices on the river Hamble and Poole and will know many of you from my time with Southern Motorboats and Parkstone Bay Yachts.

Whilst my c areer in boats focussed around sales it was the boats themselves that were my true passion and three years ago I moved away from boat sales into the services side of the marine industry.

For the last couple of years I have been with the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race where my role was to establish an exciting new business that provides emergency medical assistance in the most remote and extreme locations, the sort of locations that seafarers tend to go.  Now that business is established I am extremely excited to be joining Promarine Finance as Business Director.
In my new role I hope to meet as many of our clients as possible over the coming months and help our marine dealers to maximise their sales.

Help us to find this boat – called Katlib or Katlib II Sea Ray 225 Weekender

We believe this boat has been sold in August 2016 without our knowledge and there is finance outstanding. We are trying to trace it. We believe it may be in either Woolverston or on the Thames near Shepperton.

Please help us to locate this vessel.


Southampton Boatshow September 16 – 25


Let us know if you are going and want to meet us

British Hovercraft Company

Our finance does not have to remain on the ground or even remain on the water, try a hovercraft for fast and serious family fun.


Crick Boat Show 2016



Crick Stuart

Stuart on Saturday before the show opened


Liza and Tina with customers


Big dogs


Bluewater Boats


Bluewater Boats


Aintree Boats


Aintree Boats with Jamie and Andy


Friday entertainment

CrickMarina 3 Crick Marina Crick Marina 2 IMG_1179