Marine Finance Calculator

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Our boat loan calculator gives you a good guide as to the monthly costs of our boat loan or marine mortgage.

You can vary the deposit available – we like a minimum of 20%. We want you to borrow as little as you need over the shortest time you can afford to make the payments.

You can choose a repayment period up to a maximum of 10 and you can choose any number of months up to 120 so it does not have to be an exact whole year repayment period.

A great benefit in choosing Promarine Finance is that you can settle early at any time without penalty. As a guideline here is a rough guide to calculating a future settlement
And if you choose to pay off a lump sum early you can save the same amount in future interest. For example paying a lump sum of £5k early in a 10 year finance agreement will save you £10k if future payments including interest.

We want to help you to get your boat and then to get the most from it and our marine mortgages – let us know how we can improve out Boat Loan Calculator and service for you by emailing