Boat Insurance Partners

Part of the service and experience of using Promarine Finance to fund the purchase of a boat is the access we provide to our partner companies. The main area where this benefits our clients is with boat insurance.

Benefits of Partnering with Boat Insurance Specialists

There are plenty of standard insurance companies who will offer basic insurance policies that will cover a boat and its contents, but not all of these general insurance companies will have the in-depth knowledge to fine tune a policy according to the many variations in boats and boating equipment.

A boat insurance specialist will have specialist knowledge in the field of marine insurance enabling them to offer policies which are more beneficial to the boat owners and their individual circumstances.

Boat owners can even get an estimate on the premium they can expect to pay by completing this form and submitting to our insurance partners. Details such as the vessel type, make, size, the year of manufacture can all have an effect on the type of cover that is available.

The Importance of Boat Insurance

 Having boat insurance is requirement for many marinas and public waterways and if you are going to invest significant funds into a boat then it is always wise to protect that investment. Additionally, obtaining an inland waterways licence may be difficult without providing evidence of third party cover, while this is also true for many of the UK’s reservoirs and lakes.

It is a requirement of our marine mortgages that you insure the boat comprehensively and notify your insurers of our interest. We may request a copy of your policy.

So not only does specialist boat insurance provide peace of mind, it can also open up many new options with regards to where you can sail your boat around the country’s waterways.

Fill in the form below to have your details sent to our insurance partners, alternatively you can click their logos below the form and request a quote from the partners website: 

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