Repayment Flexibility

Early Settlement

Flexible repayment options – you can repay lump sums early at any time during the period of the loan – if you pay a lump sum early in the agreement you will reduce the total interest payable. For example, £5K paid in the first year of a 10 year mortgage will save you £5k in interest.

We always encourage you to borrow the least amount you need over the shortest period that you can comfortably afford. This will save you money leaving you more able to enjoy your boat.

Loan Terms

Our boat loan calculator is a guide for you to work out monthly costs. But we can offer alternative repayment terms accounting for quarterly repayments, lump sums and balloon payment options.


The underwriters and directors of Promarine Finance are real everyday people that are boating enthusiasts.

Our view is we want to help you to buy the boat you really want and without causing you or us financial problems.

How Do We Do This?

Well we carry out a credit search to see that you pay your bills when they are due – a lot of customers have problems so tell us if you have. We will listen.

As responsible lenders we want to check that we are not lending you money that you cannot afford to repay. We rely on personal bank statements for this evidence.

Self employed? We are totally comfortable providing marine mortgages to people that are self-employed. We are self- employed too and providing business bank statements along with personal bank statements evidence affordability we are happy.

Why do you want the boat? Tell us your plans and aspirations – we like to know you and your boat – are you planning to race, go fishing, relax with family and friends or live aboard.